PIttsburg Zoo Highlights Endangered Species for New Exhibit

When the Pittsburg Zoo goers arrive in June, they'll see the usual animals and a few more unusual ones. When the zoo looked to upgrade a tired section of the park, it chose to emphasize extremely endangered species and focus on ainimals that are extremely rare and almost extinct. Not only will patrons get a chance they might not even get in the wild, but the zoo will also act as a ark preserving the species.

The new, 22,000 square foot exhibit area entitled "Islands" will highlight a diverse collection from around the world. While traditional exhibits often group animals by region or genus, the exhibit will focus on their endangered status. They chose:

  • Siamangs-- A tailless cousin of the Gibbon known for loud cries. 
  • Visayan warty pigs --  Small pigs from two islands in the Philapines with wartl-like bumps on their face.
  • Clouded leopards -- Small leopards that once roamed much of southeast Asia.
  • Philapines Crocodile -- Perhaps the most endangered repitle on earth. Also known as the Mindao Crocodile.