Philadelphia Zoo Turns Junk Into Art

One person's trash is another's treasure-- especially after an artist turns it into something beautiful. The Philiadelphia Zoo took that maxim to heart and  unveiled "Second Nature", a temporary exhibit of new animal art created from "burned-out spark plugs, recycled plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and wads of chewing gum." 

Some of the major works include:

  • Blue Gorilla -- A 13 foot tall gorilla made from steel from recycled cars by Don Kennell of Santa Fe, NM.
  • Dozens of Meercats, Snails and Other Plastic Fauna -- Dozens of plastic sculptures from Cracking Art Group in Milan, Italy are scattered throughout the zoo.
  • Bloom -- A 35 foot tall sculpture of a tree built from "repurposed car parts, kitchen tools, traffic signals, HVAC ducts, artificial turf and road plate." from the Flux Foundation in San Francisco. SF.


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