Turtles Return to the Sea After a Winter at the Aquarium

Over the winter, volunteers brought a number of sea turtles to aquaria for rescue and now that the weather is better, the turtles are returning to the ocean and the aquaria are making an event of it all.

In the case of the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL, they just released "Howard", a Green Sea Turtle who was found dazed and confused with what the veterinarians call "cold stun symptoms." If turtles don't head south in time, they can be surprised when the weather turns cold, as it did this last winter. Today, though, Howard is perky and ready to return to the ocean.

“We are beyond excited to release Howard back into the wild” said Susan Coy, The FloridaAquarium’s Veterinarian Technician and sea turtle expert. “Having the opportunity to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals like Howard is a huge part of The Florida Aquarium’s mission and is a critical piece to protecting these amazing creature for generations to come”

The South Carolina aquarium just released six different turtles from their rescue program in an event that brought the local media. Five of these are Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles who were part of the massive stranding that left 1000s of turtles coming ashore in New England last winter. These five made their way to the South Carolina Aquarium on a private jet loaned by Will and Margie Dorminy and spent the winter gathering their strength. On May 14th, they went back to the ocean again.

Let's not call it captivity. Let's just call it a temporary rest in a luxurious hotel for turtles.