Seattle's Aquarium Plans Big Expansion

The Seattle Aquarium has always been a large presence on the waterfront, but now it's going to get much bigger, perhaps as much as 75,000 square feet bigger. The Aquarium revealed plans for a new building that would highlight the the colorful fish of the tropical Pacific ocean. The exact location, though, is not final and the Aquarium is asking the public to review the three different options on three different locations to the north, south or northeast of the current building. The expansion, which could cost $200m, could begin as soon as the plan review and money is raised-- a task that probably won't be done until 2019 according to draft released by the Aquarium.

For more information, see Daniel Beekman's reporting in the Seattle Times. 


For more on the image: "Seattle Aquarium view along Alaskan Way Seattle Washington" by MarmadukePercy - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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