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The Springville Museum of Art in Springville, Utah is the oldest museum in Utah for the visual fine arts. Completed in 1937, this building was designed in the style of the Spanish Colonial Revival style by architect Claud S. Ashworth (1885-1971). It was dedicated by LDS Apostle David O. McKay as "A sanctuary of beauty and a temple of meditation." It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 as Springville High School Art Gallery.
It was built during 1936-37 and was extended in 1964.
The Springville Museum of Art was made possible by the Nebo School District, the Works Progress Administration Act, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 1964 a two story wing was added as a gift from the Clyde Foundation.
The Springville art movement began in 1903 with a donation of art by John Hafen and Cyrus Dallin. It was followed in 1907 by a donation from seven other Utah artists. The Smart collection came in 1925, followed by the Steed Collection (1948), and the Lund-Wassmer Collection in 1986. The Art Association Board of Trustees and the City of Springville continue to contribute to the growth of both the museum and its art.
The museum is noted for its collection of Utah art spanning from pioneer days to the present. Most of the major artists and styles of Utah are represented in nine permanent galleries in the museum. All 275 of the pieces are arranged in chronological order and show the development of art in Utah. The works of 250 artists are featured, including those of Doug Snow, Lee U. Bennion, Mahonri Young, Dan Weggeland, and LeConte Stewart. The museum is divided into two main sections:

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