Utah Museum of Fine Arts

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The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) is Utah's primary resource for culture and visual arts. It is located in Salt Lake City, Utah on the University of Utah campus near Rice?Eccles Stadium. Works of art are displayed on a rotating basis. It is a university and state art museum.

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The creation of a formal art gallery on the top floor of the University of Utah's Park Building in the early 1900s marks the physical birth of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. In the beginning, paintings by local artists filled this three-room gallery. Through the next six decades, the art department at the University of Utah received major art gifts and specific requests from donors to remodel the gallery into a museum. After the renovation of the gallery was finished, the University?s president, A. Ray Olpin, established it as the Utah Museum of Fine Arts on May 6, 1951. In 1967, Frank Sanquineti was appointed as the first professional director. By this time, the Museum had entered a new period of growth which resulted in the building of a new museum.

After the Museum?s relocation in 1970, its goal was to focus on the continuation of expanding its collections and the Annual Friends of the Art Museum Acquisition Fund was formed. Over the years this Annual Fund has helped support the expansion of the Museum?s collections and its ability to offer art education programs. Thanks to the generous patrons, local and national foundations, the University community, and the citizens of the State of Utah, the UMFA?s collection now encompasses 5,200 years of artistic creativity. Since the mid-1900s, when the collection was around 800 objects, it has grown to over 13,000 art objects. This huge expansion required the building of yet another museum, and with the help of many generous donors the construction of a new 70,000-square-foot (6,500 m) building was started in 1997. The UMFA opened in the Marcia and John Price Museum Building on June 2, 2001 and David Dee was appointed Executive Director the following year.

Since the second relocation, the UMFA has experienced unprecedented growth in all areas of operation. In February 2005, the Utah State Legislature declared the UMFA as an official state institution, confirming the importance of the Museum?s role as a center for art, culture, and education in the state of Utah. In April 2009, David Dee resigned from the Museum and Gretchen Dietrich was appointed Interim Director. Gretchen Dietrich was named Executive Director effective August 2010.

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