Save the Butterflies With a Backyard Zoo

Iowa's Blank Park Zoo wants its patrons to build their own zoo in their backyard. But don't be to overwhelmed. They're just suggesting creating a great habitat for butterflies and other pollinators. And if they escape and run rampant over the neighborhood, that's all part of the point. They'll pollinate more plants and everyone will be happy.

Creating the garden is just the first part. The Zoo wants everyone to register their new space with part of its web site called "Plant.Grow.Fly". Once the details are in the database, the patrons can share experiences with each other.

The Zoo's conservation manager, Jessie Lowry, told Sioux City Journal “Once gardens are planted and hands are dirty, participants can register their garden with Plant.Grow.Fly. We send them a certificate and recognize their garden on the Zoo’s website. To date, we have 277 registered butterfly gardens, from across Iowa and the surrounding states.”

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