Why Aren't the Zoos Better in Boston?

It's a top-notch university town, full of smart people who like to study nature. Furthermore, people like Henry David Thoreau, lived just outside of Boston and the area still venerates them and their nature-loving ethic.

So why are the zoos in Boston so lack-luster? Why can't the city have zoos that rival Harvard or the Boston Philharmonic in status? Michael Fitzgerald at the Boston Globe offers a long essay that comes to one conclusion: money. The people are too cheap and they don't show the interest. The attendance isn't there. 

Fitzgerald looks through the options and none of them are easy. People are too cheap and they don't want more taxes. The other institutions will want a cut too. But still he's optimistic. If Boston is going to build an institution worthy of the city's reputation, it's going to need to find the money. One way or another. 



(Image from Boston archives.)