Aquaria Make Us Happier and Smarter

At least according to a study done by some aquaria. :-) Well, not exactly. A group of academics who have a real affection for aquaria. 

"What we were able to do here was - as far as we know in the world's first controlled experiment: we knew exactly the number of species and the number of [fish] that people were looking at, and they were systematically altered over time - monitor people's heart rate, blood pressure and various changes in mood over a 10-minute period while they watched the very large tank (500,000 litres), " Dr White explained.

"As you might expect, people felt a lot more relaxed and significantly happier after watching the tank with more fish - in other words with more biodiversity - and there were significant drops in heart rates and significantly lower blood pressure.

The only cavaet is that it only seems to take 5 minutes to get the full effect. After that, people plateau. But hey, it's still a big gain for everyone. 

Let's go off to the tanks to watch some fish.