A Good Time to Be A Leopard in San Diego

It's a good time to be a leopard in San Diego-- if you live at the zoo, that is. After collecting more than 1600 donations totaling more than $3 million, the zoo built two new enclosures joined by an overhead walkway. Now the snow leopards and amur leopards can walk between the two cages while the visitors walk just a few feet below them. The zoo hopes that the new enclosures will boost their breeding program. The Amur leopard, native to parts of Russia, is considered to be critically endangered and some estimates suggest there may only be 40 living in the wild.

Fishackathon for World's Ocean Day

The Oceans may cover more than 70% of the world's surface, but they don't get their share of the attention. This weekend, twelve aquaria-- seven in the US-- will join together in a global event focused on those bodies of water that are often taken for granted. And one big part will be the Fishackathon, a chance for programmers to build more web tools that help us understand the oceans.

Bird Show Takes Chicago

Birds will be taking the stage this summer at Brookfield Zoo in a new thirty-minute show called "Festival of Flight". There will be harpy eagles, hooded vultures, red-tailed hawks and more, spreading their wings, flying over the crowd, and showing off all of the things that birds do naturally-- and a few that they picked up after being cast.

Octopi And the Mid-Life Crisis

There are some who love their dogs and others who are restored by riding a horse. And there are enough cat people to sell millions of books of cat cartoons for the New Yorker. But until recently, the octopus wasn't on anyone's list of companion animals or fellow travelers from the animal kingdom. But Sy Montgomery is about to change that with her book, The Soul of an Octopus. 

Mummies Take Orlando

The Mummies of the World, a travelling collection billed as the largest collection of mummies, is about to arrive at the Orlando Science Center just in time for summer. The families, parched and desiccated from a day in the hot sun at the theme park, can relax and rehydrate inside and learn about the bodies that survive largely intact thanks to careful preservation.

Gorillas in Philadelphia Get A New Walkway

Don't call it a cat walk right now because the gorillas at the Philadelphia Zoo aren't going to share their new Gorilla Treeway. They are the only ones with access their passage way in the sky that runs between cages. The zoo installed the elevated path that runs about 12 feet above the ground-based path inhabited by the zoo guests to give the animals some room to roam and explore.

Detroit Zoo Counts 20,000++ Tadpoles

When a frog is endangered, every new animal counts. And so the Detroit Zoo carefully counted out the 22, 571 tadpoles produced by this year's breeding of the Puerto Rican Crested Toad. That broke the record for tadpoles produced in a year. But who's counting? They'll be shipping all but 20 of the tadpoles off to Puerto Rico to be released into the wild. The zoo hopes that they'll grow up and bring their large eyes and pointy mouth back to the northern edge of the island. The tad poles that stay behind will be raised to continue the breeding program.

Can Duluth Find the Right Size for Its Zoo?

The City of Duluth, Minnesota runs a zoo and has for 90 some years but no one is sure what the future might bring. The price tag for updating the zoo and improving its exhibits to conform to the latest practices is high-- at least $12 million and maybe more-- and then there are the higher maintenance costs that could reach a half million dollars per year. No one is sure if the city can afford it.