Literary Discovery from an Aquarium?

Aquaria may produce an endless stream of research on things that swim, but no one expects them to contribute to literary scholarship. That changed this week when Monterey Bay Aquarium employee, Lewis Rhames, announced the rediscovery of a letter from John Steinbeck in the archives, a letter that explains a bit more about who actually did the writing of the book, The Log from the Sea of Cortez. 

Tiger escapes at the Oklahoma Zoo

On Thursday, one of the Sumatran Tigers slipped out of the main cage in the Cat Forest exhibit at the Oklahoma City Zoo and roamed in the netherworld between enclosures. Although the tiger never found her way to the paths for visitors, the Zoo declared a "Code Red" and shut down the exhibit. After the four year old female tiger named "Lola" was "immobilized" by a dart, she was taken back to the tiger holding building where the veterinary staff said she was "recovering well."

Harvard Focuses on Islands Too

Was it just a few days ago that we noted that the Pittsburgh Zoo was highlighting island ecologies in their new exhibit called, appropriately enough, "Islands"? Now Harvard's Museum of Natural History is following along with it's own new installation called "Islands: Evolving In Isolation", that "unravels the mysteries of island biodiversity and evolution." 

Philadelphia Zoo Turns Junk Into Art

One person's trash is another's treasure-- especially after an artist turns it into something beautiful. The Philiadelphia Zoo took that maxim to heart and  unveiled "Second Nature", a temporary exhibit of new animal art created from "burned-out spark plugs, recycled plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and wads of chewing gum." 

Some of the major works include:

PIttsburg Zoo Highlights Endangered Species for New Exhibit

When the Pittsburg Zoo goers arrive in June, they'll see the usual animals and a few more unusual ones. When the zoo looked to upgrade a tired section of the park, it chose to emphasize extremely endangered species and focus on ainimals that are extremely rare and almost extinct. Not only will patrons get a chance they might not even get in the wild, but the zoo will also act as a ark preserving the species.

Bronx Zoo Welcomes Two Baby Gorillas

Nothing gets more news than baby animals and few are cuter than the baby gorillas. This week, the Bronx Zoo released video of Julia, a 33-year-old Lowland Gorilla and Tuti, a nineteen-year-old gorilla and their new babies that arrived on March 10th. The two join eighteen other gorillas in its Congo Gorilla Forest Exhibit, a display that has successfully welcomed fifteen new baby gorillas since it opened in 1991. Enough words. Watch the video below.


Museum of Science and Industry Dives Into Finding the Extraordinary in Ordinary Things

The refrigerator magnet just sticks. The plastic handle just fits our palm perfectly. The ceramic tile just happens to keep the space shuttle cool. We take so many items for granted each day. We go about our business and the things around us stay strong and keep their shape with a precision and steadfastness that once seemed like magic.